HotelTonight Meets Eventbrite, For Bars.


BarPass is the digital bar promotions platform that drives after work professionals to your bar or restaurant when you need it most. Our users check our app everyday to find out where the best happy hours around them are. We tell them where to go, what to eat/drink and encourage them to invite friends. We also reward them for attending our events, on our own dime.

what we provide

What We Provide


Asses in seats


Marketing help


Free feedback and analytics


The Safest Form of Marketing To Ever Exist for Bars

Could your bar use some additional foot traffic? That is a rhetorical question since every bar could, duh. That is where BarPass comes into play. Bars are able to receive FREE (check our BarBucks program) or affordable promotions whenever you wish and you tell us what deals to run and when.

The best part is we are the safest form of marketing to ever exist for bars; we only get paid when we get an ass in your bar seat. Stop being content with a half filled bar and start using BarPass as a promo layer whenever you need an extra boost.


Our promotions are affordable or free. Bars only pay $5 for every time we send you a person or nothing at all depending on what package you choose. You also get to pick the exact times frames and deals offered. Pretty amazing, huh?

Currently in Chicago

But more cities coming soon...

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